Agonis is running the label Amenthia Recordings together with Garçon on which he has already released his third EP. Meanwhile he is showcasing his productions in an energetic and deep live set and still is a passionate DJ always with a touch of Detroit techno and spheric interpretations of house music.

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The term „a djs dj“ fits Garçon like no other. As the second driving force behind Amenthia Recordings, as radioshow host, as promoter and digger Garçon has been focusing on electronic music since his very early teenage days. His first passion though is and always will be djing.

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Jamie Shar

The passionate selector Jamie Shar excells through his profound music knowledge and skills on the turntables. While other artists regularly play it safe the young Jamie likes to take risks and combines techno bangers, unknown house treasures und disco classics with spaced out elements to an euphoric entity.

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For the energetic twenty-something Liebkind electronic music is both: passion & business. As a DJ he always pushes dancefloors towards extasy without giving in to short term trend. Liebkind plays everything with a groove and what feels right in his own true sense.

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